About Passerby

Passerby is a multi-cultural platform designed to incorporate music, visuals, sounds, ideas, people, and places, to be echoed further. The Passerby himself is a traveling artist who tells his quest stories from his encounters with people from different cultures, through music and video content.

For years, Passerby has amplified the less heard voices in today’s world through collaborations. Not just with every Passerby song, but through Passerby’s entire content and media ecosystem, which includes largely attended concert events, global reach on social media, best-selling books, and an exciting global TV series that’s in-development right now.

Who is Passerby?

Passerby (Gilad Segev) is an international singer-songwriter. He is best known for his 10 number one hit songs that have been widely played across his home country of Israel. Throughout his career, he has won many awards for his work, including “Song of the Year” at Israel’s top award show for music. He has also achieved certified Gold record status for a handful of his album releases.

A long-time friend of China, Passerby has toured China extensively, playing for crowds of tens of thousands around the country. With almost 1 million social media followers in China, he has an active fan base around the country amongst music lovers seeking unique sounds and stories from around the world.

Passerby’s innovative values and mission

Passerby prides itself for standing for music without borders, shared creativity, cultural exchange, and self-expression.

Through these core values, Passerby has made it their mission to bring awareness toward protecting the environment and working toward creating a better world for all people through innovation. Because of Passerby’s advocacy, Gilad has been invited to be a part of a number of high-profile ambassadorships and events, ranging from the Nanjing Tech Week to the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. In 2020, Passerby also became the recipient of the coveted GIW Innovation Prize in China.